3 Yemeni families buried under earthquake debris in Türkey

- International - February 9, 2023
3 Yemeni families buried under earthquake debris in Turkiye
3 Yemeni families buried under earthquake debris in Turkiye
  • The Yemeni Embassy and the union have set up emergency facilities and hotlines
  • No deaths have been reported among at least 300 Yemenis living in earthquake-hit centers in Turkiye

AL-MUKALLA: Rescuers are trying desperately to reach three Yemeni families buried under earthquake rubble in a southern Turkish city, authorities said on Tuesday.

The Yemeni embassy and union have set up emergency facilities and hotlines and asked Yemenis to report missing relatives or friends. Al-Mazabi said a special operations center monitors information and maintains contact with Yemenis trapped in the earthquake-devastated regions.

The disaster that killed thousands in Syria and Turkiye on Monday has also left at least 50 Yemenis injured and their property destroyed. A spokesperson for the Yemen Students Union in Turkiye, Anas Al-Mazabi, told Arab News that a woman had been pulled from the wreckage of a building as rescuers continued attempts to save three Yemeni families buried under debris in Malatya in the south of the country.

Official Yemeni media said that Rashad Al-Alimi, president of the Presidential Leadership Council, and other council members called Yemeni Ambassador to Türkiye, Mohammed Saleh, to find out about the situation of Yemenis and ordered him to offer all necessary assistance. Thousands of Yemenis, including politicians, tribal leaders, military personnel, and journalists, fled to Türkiye and nearby countries after the Iranian-backed Houthis took control of Yemen in 2014. Hundreds of Yemeni students visit Turkish institutions throughout the country.

Separately, Al-Alimi reiterated his council’s commitment to helping a UN mission build peace in Yemen and reach a comprehensive agreement to end the war. At a meeting with UN Yemen envoy Hans Grundberg in Aden, Al-Alimi called for more international pressure on the Houthis to comply with efforts to end the war. Grundberg landed in the city on Tuesday as he embarked on a new mission to push for a renewal of the UN-brokered ceasefire that collapsed in October and to convince Yemeni factions to accept a peace agreement.

The UN envoy’s arrival in Yemen will be followed by a visit to Riyadh, where he spoke with GCC Secretary General Jasem Al-Budaiwi and Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Al-Jabir about peace efforts and economic and humanitarian operations. Attempts to restore peace in Yemen suffered a severe blow in October when the Houthis refused to extend the UN-brokered ceasefire or open roads to the besieged city of Taiz.

The militia also launched drone strikes on oil facilities in South Yemen to force the Yemeni government to share oil profits and pay public workers in the regions under their control.


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