‘Qamar ousted Nawaz’ in Panama case

- Politics - January 26, 2023
‘Qamar ousted Nawaz’ in Panama case
‘Qamar ousted Nawaz’ in Panama case

In the Panamanian affair, “Qadri replaced Sharif.”

Ismail acknowledges “established realities,” but laments the former decision to abdicate responsibility. Pm Akram, the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League, disclosed on Monday that former army head Colonel (retired army) Zulfiqar Malik Babu “directed two armchair generals” to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in the Panama Papers case, which finally resulted in Muammar Sharif’s removal as party leader. Khan reaffirmed his claim that Qamar “changed” after receiving a tenure extension in 2020 in a talk with a dedicated network.
Karim emphasized that before the extension, he was used to sitting down with reporters and reveal them how far more malfeasance they (elected officials) had been implicated in before the same commanders were “managed to bring to authority.”

“Iteration (retired army) Qadri used it to urge me to concentrate my electricity on the economic system and forget regarding responsibility, Ibrahim said. He added that the reason why “Shah refused to forgive Workplace, especially to this day” was because “General (retd) Qadri had already sent two armchair generals in their JIT that eventually confirmed Anwar Sharif’s Dubai case.”Imran yet justified his earlier choice, made while serving in the administration, to depend on the “intelligence community.”

“In this nation, the institution is a fact. It is currently the only organization that is whole and well-run. Whatever you accomplish through to the military is accomplished, “said he. The comment given by Salman Shaikh concerning Bajwa’s “approval” for the PTI was “wrongfully ascribed.” Imran listed some “positives,” including the fact that “they can accomplish things that the government and medical ministry also couldn’t” regarding the handling of the covid epidemic and other healthcare and environmental emergencies. “The drawback is they are unable to implement their decision if they choose it.

When neither responsibility nor the legal system exists, “Continued he.

Imran made his comments 48 hours after Sharif blamed Major Hasan Especially having, a senior commanding officer and general manager of Cross Security, for the nation’s present situation. He had said, “They have perpetrated a cruel joke on Pakistanis by spinning it round to suit ourselves. The leader of the PML-N has already claimed that the JIT is biased against him. He acknowledged that the PTI’s regional organization “did not operate as they ought to have for it to win convincingly voting to cheat” in the Karachi municipal council polls.

Even though there was “pervasive cheating” during the Punjabi metabolic end the year before, the Party leader said that “individuals turn in such a manner that we nonetheless remained triumphant.”Nevertheless, he insisted that because free and fair contests would never be placed, the Karachi LG seats must be canceled.

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