Pakistan: PM Shehbaz Sharif hopeful of finalising caretaker PM today

- Politics - August 12, 2023
pm shahbaz sharif
pm shahbaz sharif

Islamabad [Pakistan], August 12 (ANI): Following his last round of discussions with Opposition Leader Raja Riaz in Islamabad on Saturday, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that the name of the caretaker prime minister is expected to be finalized today, according to Geo News.

As Saturday is the third and final day to make a decision following the dissolution of the National Assembly on August 9, Geo News stated that if the PM and Riaz cannot agree on a name today, the issue will then be sent to a parliamentary committee.

The prime minister, in his address to the leaders of the coalition parties, spoke about his expected meeting with the opposition leader to consult him for finalizing the name for the top government post.

According to reports, Raja Riaz has suggested the name of Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani as the interim prime minister with general elections expected to take place early next year.

The prime minister’s comment comes after President Arif Alvi wrote a letter to him, reminding him and the opposition leader to suggest a “suitable person” for the interim premier by August 12.

“As provided in Article 224 (1A) of the Constitution of Pakistan, the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposition in the outgoing National Assembly may propose a suitable person for the appointment of care-taker Prime Minister not later than 12th August,” said President Alvi in the letter to the PM.

The premier added that the president has asked him to send the name of the caretaker prime minister by 12 am on Saturday night.

As per the country’s Constitution, if the prime minister and the NA opposition leader fail to agree on the name within three days, the matter goes to the parliamentary committee for the appointment of a caretaker PM, Geo News reported.

As per the law, the premier and the opposition leader will send their respective preferences for the coveted post to the parliamentary delegation.

The parliamentary committee will then have to finalize the name of the caretaker prime minister within three days. But if the committee also fails in reaching a consensus on the name, then the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will pick the caretaker prime minister within two days from the names proposed by the opposition and the government, Geo News reported.

The premier, when speaking with journalists in Islamabad on Friday, had said that the coalition partners will be taken into confidence over the matter before taking a final decision. (ANI)

While optimism surrounds the finalization of the caretaker Prime Minister, it is essential to recognize that challenges may emerge along the way. Delicate negotiations, differing viewpoints, and unforeseen circumstances can test the resolve of even the most dedicated leaders. However, the true strength of Pakistan’s democracy lies in its ability to overcome these challenges through dialogue, compromise, and a commitment to the greater good.

As the discussions unfold and the final decision on the caretaker Prime Minister approaches, Pakistan’s citizens and the international community will be closely watching. The transparency and fairness of this process will contribute to the credibility of the upcoming elections and set a precedent for future transitions of power.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s optimism about finalizing a caretaker Prime Minister in Pakistan reflects a broader commitment to democratic values and transparent governance. This pivotal step exemplifies the nation’s dedication to ensuring a smooth transition of power, fostering political stability, and upholding the aspirations of its citizens. As Pakistan continues on its democratic journey, the successful appointment of a caretaker Prime Minister stands as a testament to the nation’s progress and its unwavering resolve to build a better future through democratic processes.