Imran Khan’s Response After His Bail

- News - May 14, 2023

Pakistan’s Former Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s response, who rose to power on the promise of change and reform, is once again making headlines. Recently, Khan issued a stern warning to current authorities, vowing to take drastic measures if he is arrested again.

In this blog post, we will delve into the details of Imran Khan’s response after his bail and explore the possible consequences of any future arrest.

Imran Khan’s Statement Related to His Arrest

Former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, warned that a severe reaction would occur if the authorities would arrest him again.

Speaking informally with journalists during a hearing break at the Islamabad High Court, Khan stated that political workers become directionless if their leader would not present.

Imran Khan's response

Former PM Imran granted bail.

He also mentioned that they may use forceful actions during protests if their leader would arrest again unlawfully. He further said the supporters may start violent protests if authorities re-arrest their leader in a way that breaks the law.

Imran Khan’s Response Related to His Arrest

Imran Khan did not respond to a question about his experience of imprisoned. However, he claimed he was given “extraordinary relief” compared to other political leaders.

Moreover, he said he was sitting in the high court, and they had no justification for his arrest. He termed his arrest an abduction, and said they did not show him arrest warrants previously.

When he went to jail, they showed him the warrants. He asserted that this was the law of the jungle.

Imran Khan’s Response to Media’s Questions

During an interview with a Geo News, reporter asked if he had met with the establishment while he was in prison. In response, he shook his head indicating that he had not.

Furthermore, media reporters asked if he was adamant or had made a deal with the establishment. This time too, the PTI chief did not answer verbally.

Imran Khan's response

He instead smiled and put his finger on his mouth, signalling to be quiet to the reporters. Imran Khan’s response showed that the establishment did not contact him about the current situation.

Imran Khan’s Allegations About His Arrest

Khan alleged that the rulers kidnapped him from the court premises despite granted bail and set free by three IHC judges.

Additionally, He said that the authorities did not allow him to leave the court because of various excuses.

Khan said, he wants to tell the Nation when the decision of the courts do not not implement in country. And where the laws do not follow certain regulations, then the Nation should protest peacefully.

Imran Khan’s Response to His Supporters

Imran Khan told his supporters that he has decided to go to Zaman Park Lahore instead of staying at his Bani Gala residence. He urged that special security arrangements should be made after the LHC granted him bail in all cases.

In addition to this, the court stopped the authoritarian government from arresting the PTI chairman in any case till Monday. Even not in any hidden case.

Imran Khan's response

He said, therefore, it is the need of the hour to make proper security arrangements. He further added that the fascist regime should avoid any kind of illegal actions.


Imran Khan’s response to the government about the consequences of his possible arrest has raised concerns about the potential for unrest. The government must uphold the law and treat all citizens, including Imran Khan, fairly and justly. The authorities must arrest Imran Khan following the law and due process, if they want to arrest him again.

Imran Khan’s response showed that even though peaceful protests are a legitimate form of expression, we cannot tolerate any violence resulting from such protests.

It is up to the government to provide a safe and secure environment for citizens. So that they exercise their right to peaceful protests while maintaining public safety and order.

The potential for violence and disorder underscores the need for the government to take a measured approach. This is the requirement to deal with the current situation of the country.

The authorities should engage with Imran Khan to address their grievances and find a peaceful resolution to any conflicts or disagreements.

Similarly, citizens must express their dissent peacefully and respectfully. By working together and engaging in constructive dialogue, the government and citizens can find a way forward that promotes stability, security, and prosperity for all.