Governor of Punjab Calls for Constructive Journalism

- News - May 9, 2023
Governor Of Punjab Calls For Constructive Journalism
Governor Of Punjab Calls For Constructive Journalism

At a condolence reference held by the Islamia University Bahawalpur, the Governor of Punjab, Engr. Muham­mad Baligh-Ur-Rehman paid tribute to veteran journalist Islam Zamir. On April 30th, 2023, the Department of Media Studies arranged this event.

During the event, the governor of Punjab emphasised the importance of constructive journalism and the need to promote positive values in society. The speakers appreciated Zamir’s contributions to journalism and emphasised the need for constructive journalism.

constructive journalism

Governor Punjab for promoting constructive journalism.

The Importance of Constructive Journalism

Addressing the event, Governor Punjab spoke about the significance of promoting constructive journalism in society. He rejected the idea that promoting fake news and negative journalism was a sign of success.

According to him, society needs the positive role of journalism to build a healthy and progressive community. The Governor of Punjab highlighted that the media has a critical role in shaping public opinion and moulding Pakistan’s image.

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He stressed that journalists should be cautious in reporting, avoiding sensationalism and focusing on the facts. Moreover, he encouraged journalists to report on the progress and achievements of the country.

Additionally, he highlighted the areas that need improvement. He said responsible journalism helps to build a positive image of Pakistan and attract investment, tourism, and other opportunities to the country.

Governor Punjab’s Reviews on Constructive Journalism

The Governor of Punjab pointed out that journalism is not a profession but also a responsibility. Journalists have a moral obligation to report ethically and fairly. They are responsible for the impact of their reporting on the society and people.

Moreover, he said they need to be aware of the potential consequences of their words and actions, particularly in situations where their reporting can incite violence or unrest. They have a responsibility to report objectively and avoid pessimistic events.

constructive journalism

Governor of Punjab, Engr. Muhammad Baligh-Ur-Rehman

Moreover, he said that Journalists have a critical role in shaping public opinion and helping to build a positive image of their country. They influence the way citizens perceive their nation and its people, either positively or negatively.

It is, therefore, essential that they should report objectively and avoid pessimistic events. This means investigating the facts and reality without bias and providing a balanced view of events.

The Role of Islam Zamir in Journalism

Remembering the services of the late veteran journalist, Governor Punjab highlighted that Islam Zamir played a positive and model role in journalism. He furthermore said that Islam Zamir was a man of positive values who always worked for the noble cause of constructive journalism.

Furthermore, Governor Punjab appreciated that Islam Zamir never encouraged negative journalism. He always filed authentic and verified news stories. The Governor paid tribute to the veteran journalist and stated he was an eyewitness to several historical events in Bahawalpur.

He added that Zamir earned respect in the civil and military bureaucracy. Governor Punjab remembered that he joined meetings of his late father with senior Journalists, Islam Zamir and his brother Khalid Zamir.

Other speakers at the event included the Vice Chancellor of Islamia University Bahawalpur, Dr Athar Mehboob, and Nasir Hameed from the Public Relations Department of the Government of Punjab also paid tribute.

Sajjad from the Radio Station, Muhammad Akmal Chohan, President of Bahawalpur Press Club and Shahid Akhtar Baloch, former President of Bahawalpur Press Club, were also present.

Also, Senior journalist and Columnist Inam Ul Haque Rashid remembered and paid tribute to the late veteran journalist Islam Zamir. They acknowledged his remarkable contributions to the field of journalism and expressed their condolences at the event.


In conclusion, Governor Punjab’s call to promote constructive journalism is a reminder of the role of media in building a healthy and progressive society. The tribute paid to Islam Zamir is a testament to his contributions to journalism. And also his legacy as a positive and constructive journalist.

It is important to remember the significance of promoting positive values through journalism. It is also important to acknowledge the contributions of those who dedicated their lives to the noble cause of journalism. The demand for a scholarship in media studies in Zamir’s name is a testament to his legacy and contributions.

The media must take the Governors’ call seriously and strive to report accurately and constructively. It should focus on the progress and highlighting success stories.