39 People Died In Deadly Fire In Mexico

A deadly fire in Mexico has caused significant damage and disruption in the affected area. Local authorities and emergency responders are working to contain the fire and ensure the safety of residents and visitors. If you are planning to visit Juarez, it is recommended to check for updates on the situation and follow any instructions or precautions provided by local authorities.
- Finance - March 28, 2023
deadly fire in Mexico
deadly fire in Mexico


deadly fire in Mexico

39 people died


39 people have died in a deadly fire In Mexico‘s center. (Juarez)

According to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador,  burned beds.

They didn’t anticipate that would result in such a horrific disaster, he continued.

On Monday, officials took custody of the migrants who suffered. The building is close to the Stanton-Lerdo Bridge, which connects the US and Mexico.

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deadly fire

deadly fire in Mexico City


The National Institute of Migration stated, “The National Institute of Migration firmly rejects the acts that led to this tragedy,” without elaborating on the “acts” it alludes to.

The Trump Administration’s Policy

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Title 42, which permits US border officials to refuse entry to foreign nationals “to avoid the spread of communicable disease,” was implemented.

Footage of  39 Deadly Fire in Mexico

Men said we saw frantically kicking on the bars of a locked door in a social media video that appears to be surveillance footage from inside the detention facility. The video shows a flame in pa

Three individuals in what appear to be official uniforms pass by in the 30-second footage without attempting to open the door.


According to two migrants who spoke to Reuters, officials detained Juarez migrants in the center on Monday after rounding them up from Ciudad Juarez‘s streets. As migration has increased, activists have frequently raised concerns about the unsanitary circumstances and overcrowding in detention facilities.

Migrants in deadly fire

As officials try to process asylum requests using a new U.S. government app called CBP One, migrants have gathered in Mexican border towns in recent weeks.

Numerous migrants believe the procedure is taking too long, and between U.S. security and hundreds of migrants, the majority of whom were from Venezuela.

the Supreme Court ruled in March that such lengths were unconstitutional and that Juarez migrants should only be held for a maximum of 36 hours.

Mexico‘s migration legislation stipulates that Juarez migrants can only be detained for 15 days under normal condition

The Biden administration announced in January that it would enact new restrictions to swiftly expulse Juarez migrants captured crossing from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti.

Migrants Lit Mattresses In Protest

One of the deadliest events to ever occur at an immigration detention facility in the nation.

Firefighters, ambulances, and mortuary vehicles descended upon the area.

Four Nations Made Up The Majority Of The Victims

According to the national immigration office, it has contacted foreign consulates to find out who the victims are.

It claims to have entrusted the event to the National Council on Human Rights.

In October, Venezuelan migrants hoping to enter the U.S. from Mexico rioted inside an immigration center in Tijuana.

He stated on Twitter that “the widespread use of immigration detention leads to disasters like this.” According to international law, “the immigration detention of adults should be an exceptional action and not a general one.”

Bishop José Guadalupe Torres Campos urged his parishioners to keep in mind that a migrant “is a person, not a statistic,… a child of God who must be handled with dignity, respect, and love” at a special Mass on Tuesday in Juarez for the fire victims.


deadly fire in Mexico

Ciudad Juarez


Strict Border Controls

The government of US President Joe Biden has been attempting to stop the number of migrants and asylum seekers.


Rescue workers combed through the burned structure for hours Monday night and early Tuesday morning. On the g

U.S. border officials announced on Tuesday that they would permit the fire victims to enter the country to obtain medical care.


Recent Biden administration policies that restrict migrants from four countries — Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Cuba — from seeking asylum at the border without first scheduling an appointment via a smartphone application have resulted in overcrowding in northern Mexican cities in recent months. The system has numerous bugs and only provides a small number of appointments, which fill up quickly.

Some migrants have been delayed at the border for months.


The Biden administration is getting ready to put into effect a new policy that would further restrict access to asylum at the border, so it is anticipated that the number of migrants in places like Juarez will increase in the upcoming months.

Federal authorities have employed a public health measure known as Title 42 throughout COVID-19  to stop migrants from applying for asylum at the frontier and to expel those who try to enter the country swiftly.


He stated on Twitter that “the wide’s use of immigration detention leads to disasters like this.” According to international law, “the immigration detention of adults should be an exceptional action, not a general one.”

Bishop José Guadalupe Torres Campos urged his parishioners to remember that a migrant “is a person, not a statistic.

fire in Mexico